VTN - Your Arkansas Christian Connection

Through the Bible
with Les Feldick

Do you ever wish you had someone to walk you through the Bible verse by verse? Then let VTN introduce you to Les Feldick. He will take you page by page through God's Word just like he does for the students in his classes. Start your day going Through the Bible Monday through Friday at 5am on VTN.

Kingdom Harvest Now

Located in Oak Grove, Arkansas - The Harvest is a thriving ministry under the leadership of Todd and Karin Rogers. You'll find Pastor Todd's straightforward, high energy teaching to be encouraging - and addictive! Watch Kingdom Harvest Now Thursday morning at 8:30 on VTN.

The Prophetic Connection
with Dr. John Tweedie

Host Rev. Dr. John Tweedie explains biblical prophecies concerning Israel, past, present, and future. Through vivid images, on-site teaching, and captivating interviews, you will feel the pulse of our prophetic times, gaining new insights into God’s plans and purposes for Israel and the nations. Watch The Prophetic Connection on Thursday at 6:30pm on VTN.

Addiction Free with Kandi Rose

Each week Evangelist Kandi Rose interviews those who have been set free from various addictions. You will discover their message of deliverance and hope - especially those who are desperately searching for love and acceptance. Surviving rape, incest, and years of living in the seedy sub-culture of urban Chicago prepared Kandi to minister God's word through a pure heart of compassion and eyes of understanding. Watch Addiction Free each Thursday at 1am.