Program Dates & Times

May 9      5:30 pm  Sun
May 11    9:30 am  Tues
May 13  11:30 pm  Thur
May 14    6:00 pm  Fri
May 15    1:00 pm  Sat
May 16    1:00 am  Sun
May 17  10:30 pm  Mon
May 18    7:30 pm  Tues
May 22  10:00 pm  Sat
May 23    9:00 pm  Sun

Contact Information

Jack Van Impe Ministries
P.O. Box 7004
Troy, MI 48007-7004


Will it Happen this Year?

Will Jesus return this Year? This program from Jack Van Impe Ministries helps answer this question!

It outlines many of the key prophetic points Jack Van Impe saw unfolding in the final weeks and days before he went home to heaven.

Plus, Dr. Rexella Van Impe is joined by Dr. Carl Baugh to help answer some of the most critical questions about when the Rapture will take place and why it could be this year!