Friday, November 30th is VTN’s Rescan Day!

If you watch VTN over-the-air, using an indoor or outdoor antenna, on channels 26 or 48, there are some things you need to know. The FCC has mandated changes for the over-the-air signal for our stations in Hot Springs and Jonesboro.

On Friday, November 30th, after 11 AM, you’ll need to rescan your television to continue watching VTN. We’re calling it Rescan Day.

It’s very easy to rescan your TV:
Find the remote control for your TV.
Press “menu”.
Select “setup”.
Choose “antenna”.
Select “channel scan” or “auto tune” or “station finder”.
Your TV will automatically rescan the available signals and find VTN.

This does not affect you if you watch VTN on cable, Dish, or DirecTV.