Program Dates & Times

March 18      6:30 pm   Monday
March 19      7:30 pm   Tuesday
March 22      6:00 pm   Friday
March 23    10:00 pm   Saturday
March 25    10:30 pm   Monday
March 26      6:30 pm   Tuesday
March 28      1:00 pm   Thursday
March 30    12:00 pm   Saturday

Contact Information

Jack Van Impe Ministries
P.O. Box 7004
Troy, MI 48007-7004


A classic Easter special from Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe!

With original teaching from Dr. Jack Van Impe, When Death Was Defeated clearly proclaims the purpose and importance of the Cross, the Empty Tomb, and the glorious Resurrection. These are the things we celebrate at Easter — and they have the power to save and redeem by the blood of the Savior Jesus Christ!

This is why When Death Was Defeated contains a strong call to receive Christ as Savior; it’s perfect for non-Christians and will be a great blessing to believers, too.

Dr. Jack Van Impe was a renowned Bible prophecy expert, and in this teaching he discusses Bible prophecy and the symbolism you can find in the Resurrection story that points to these final days.